Erofertil capsules for improving erection and potency

Erofertil is a drug Semaxin to improve potency and restore a strong erection, which is made in the form of white capsules. It has a fast and long-lasting effect after use, they act instantly, providing a stable and long-lasting erection, and also provide an intense orgasm. The drug consists of natural ingredients, it is very easy to use, and customer reviews about Erofertil are extremely positive. This drug is an alternative to Viagra and has a lower price. The absence of side effects is the main advantage over analogues that have a short-term effect. You can buy Semaxin without a prescription and use it at any time as needed.

Erofertil capsules for improving erection in England

Research by physicians confirms that this drug is indeed an effective sex prolongator Semaxin, a comprehensive and useful medicine for the entire male body, contributing to the improvement of erection, sexual desire, blood flow to the genitals and general sexual health.

Interesting fact! Initially, this drug was developed for porn actors. Therefore, it is not difficult to verify that this medicine really works effectively. Persistent erection and impressive penis size in characters of such films is the result of using Erofertil! Capsules are a specially selected complex of plant extracts, which allows for many hours to maintain high sexual activity and the ability to fully satisfy the partner. The formula Erofertil allows for a 25-30% improvement in testosterone production by activating the work of the adrenal cortex, which are responsible for its appearance. The drug has a powerful effect on the genitals and improves blood circulation, so the capsules Semaxin to improve potency provide an instant and stable effect.

Useful Properties of Erofertil for Potency

Erofertil has such useful properties:

  • First, it helps speed up the process of natural testosterone production. Under the influence of the active ingredients that make up the capsules, testosterone production is actively increasing. As a result, potency increases and a natural increase in penis size by 20-25% is observed.
  • Secondly, there is a strong and stable erection. After taking the pills, after a few minutes there is an additional blood flow to the genitals and an erection improves.
  • Thirdly, there is an improvement in the process of ejaculation. Many men complain that during sex they have a quick ejaculation. This is exactly how Erofertil capsules were created to solve this issue, which will become an indispensable helper and help to “stop being a speed fighter”.
  • And finally, the biologically active substances contained in the preparation lead to the activation of sperm cell movement, which is very important in the treatment of infertility. In addition, these substances affect not only the quality, but also the abundance of sperm, increasing the number of reproducible spermatocytes, which is used in the treatment of such a serious disease as a decrease in sperm during an act of ejaculation.

Where to Buy Erofertil in the UK

If you want to buy Semaxin or Erofertil in England, then you should know that the price of capsules for improving potency is 49 pounds sterling euro for 1 box. Many men are embarrassed to buy medications for the treatment of impotence at the pharmacy, so we recommend going to the manufacturer’s official website and anonymously order Erofertil.

Buy Erofertil in the UK

Delivery of capsules to improve erection throughout the territory of England is carried out within 5-8 days from the date of ordering, payment is made upon receipt of the goods by the buyer. The manufacturer makes a 50% discount for each new buyer from the UK. More information about discounts and prices during the promotion can be found on the manufacturer’s official website, as well as get a free expert advice.

How does Erofertil act on potency?

When using Erofertil capsules, the complex of active ingredients penetrates deep into the tissues of the body and makes them more elastic, resulting in an increase in the cavernous bodies of the penis. The drug has the following effects:

  • helps to improve blood circulation in the organs of the reproductive system;
  • restores vascular tone, stabilizing metabolic processes;
  • contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels, and stabilizes the endocrine system;
  • creates conditions for the production of high-quality testosterone;
  • helps eliminate inflammation in the prostate, bladder, urethra and foreskin.

Even a single dose of Erofertil enhances erection, and 14-day therapy guarantees complete relief from problems in the sexual and urinary organs.

formula erofertil components


There are other advantages of Erofertil capsules over expensive analogues:

  • enhances the erection and the speed of its occurrence in 5 times;
  • increases testosterone production;
  • prolongs sexual intercourse;
  • prevents the development of most male diseases of the genital area;
  • is a completely natural product;
  • may be taken with alcohol;
  • enhances the feeling of orgasm during sex.

Effect of Erofertil for potence enhancement

Erofertil capsules have a complex health effects on the reproductive organs:

  • The use of the drug allows men to make love when they want, but not when the sexual organ is ready for it.
  • Already at the initial stage of therapy, the man is much improved erection. No side effects occur.
  • Sexual arousal occurs regularly.
  • The duration of the sexual act increases, the probability of premature ejaculation decreases.
  • More semen appears in the seminal fluid.
  • Feelings of both partners become more vivid and rich.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use of Erofertil to enhance erection indicate the following sequence of actions:

  • In order to obtain the maximum erection, you need to take 1 capsule thirty minutes before sex and drink it with warm water or juice.
  • If the goal is the treatment of impotence, then the drug should be taken according to a specially developed scheme – daily, 1 capsule after breakfast and another pill in the evening, 3 hours before bedtime.

During the course of treatment of impotence, it is recommended to take a one-day break every week so that the body can rest. The manufacturer recommends taking no more than 3 capsules per day. However, you need to start with a lower dosage, focusing on your own feelings. For more information about the regimens you can read in the instructions attached.

Improper use of the drug can lead to side effects from the nervous and cardiovascular systems: an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, headaches, the appearance of unreasonable fears, increased excitability. It is rarely possible manifestations of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract – dyspepsia, heartburn. If we confine ourselves to a single dose of the drug, then a short-term effect is achieved. To achieve a lasting improvement in potency, it is recommended to take Erofertil for 2-3 weeks and repeat it again after the break. A break in the intake of the drug is as follows: 1 week of use and 1 day break. In this case, the body receives the required amount of healthy substances.

Opinion of physicians and customer reviews

According to medical research conducted in London, the use of capsules for male reproductive health has been fully confirmed. According to the doctors, one of the main advantages of Erofertil capsules is a quick result and a long duration of action.

Laboratory tests confirmed potency capsules


Laboratory tests confirmed that the drug is 100% composed of natural ingredients. No hazardous chemical compound was found in the capsules. British doctors confirmed that the active components of Erofertil act at the cellular level and accelerate the regeneration of tissues of the reproductive organs. This ensures accelerated growth of the penis and a significant improvement in erection.

Men who used these capsules, evaluated them on a simple principle – it works or not. According to surveys, more than 80% of men were satisfied with the achieved effect. The remaining 20% ​​used the drug irregularly and therefore could not unambiguously answer the question posed. Among them were men who discovered some drawbacks in this preparation:

  • too strong erection, because of which sexual intercourse lasted very long.
  • when engaged in anal sex, the sexual partner appears pain and discomfort;
  • The high cost of Erofertil in the UK (price of 10 capsules is 49 pounds!)

Some buyers feared that the drug could be addictive. According to doctors, this judgment is absolutely meaningless. As practice shows, after the cessation of the use of the drug, the problems associated with the deterioration of erection does not occur and the man continues to receive maximum pleasure from his intimate life.

Customers reviews of Erofertil

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