Naturist cream Micinorm, based on a complex, unique combination of 100% natural ingredients, ensures an effective and complete treatment against foot fungus and nail fungus. The formula for action Micinorm has in its composition bioactive components with very strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that inhibit the development of fungal infection from the first days of treatment.

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The purpose of this article is to present you with absolutely all the important information about this innovative natural treatment. Read on to find out what users really think about Micinorm, the price of the cream in pharmacies, the leaflet, active ingredients, composition, instructions for use treatment, forum discussions, contraindications and pictures before and after using the cream.

Micinorm is a relatively new foot fungus treatment, which means that you can benefit from it at a very low price if you follow my recommendation to order cream online directly from the official website of the manufacturer. At this moment, all online orders made directly on the manufacturer’s website benefit from a special price to which a substantial 50% discount is applied. Besides this aspect of the very attractive price, ordering from the official website Micinorm you have the guarantee that you bought the original product and not a fake product.

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How antifungal cream treatment works Micinorm

Natural cream treatment Micinorm has a very wide spectrum of action, ensuring a high therapeutic efficiency against 350 pathogens of fungal infections in humans. From the first days of applying the treatment on the infected areas, its evolution is inhibited, thus preventing its spread.

Due to the antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of the cream Micinorm, the infection is neutralized in a relatively short time compared to some antifungal drug treatments such as Exoderil drops that must be used for much longer periods of time to produce conclusive results.

The common symptoms of fungal infections such as itchy skin, profuse sweating, and unpleasant odor are also very effectively eliminated.

The active components of the cream Micinorm contributes to the healing and regeneration of the texture of the skin and nails, having an immunoprotective action that helps prevent the recurrence of the infection once the treatment has been completed.

The composition of the cream Micinorm – active ingredient, prospect

In the composition of the cream Micinorm includes 30 bioactive natural components that ensure a very good therapeutic efficacy, whether it is a small infection or an infection that includes a larger area of ​​the skin of the foot and toenails. You can find out more information about the composition of the cream Micinorm entering the official website of the manufacturer.

Below is a short list of the main active ingredients of this natural remedy:

  • Pojarnita extract – intensive moisturizing effect, quickly soothes itchy skin
  • fir dandruff extract – soothes skin inflammation, disinfects and relieves heavy sweating caused by fungal infection
  • nettle extract – prevents and removes skin rashes, has very strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • propolis – destroys fungal cells and completely stops the development of infection, effectively soothes itching
  • turkey seed oil – helps the healing process of cracks in the skin and between the toes
  • grape seed oil – helps soften corns and spurs, toning action on the skin affected by fungal infection

A special feature of the cream Micinorm what makes this treatment act much faster on fungal infections is the high concentration of bioactive substances in the final formula of the cream. This is largely due to the special process of processing the natural ingredients of the product.

Instructions for use – how to apply the cream correctly on infected areas

Before applying the cream Micinorm on the skin, infected nails, feet should be kept in warm water for 15 minutes. After they are completely dry, the treatment is applied on the sole and in the interdigital areas by means of normal massage movements, until the skin has completely absorbed the cream.

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As I said earlier, cream Micinorm has a concentrated therapeutic action, so the treatment period is only 20 days, unlike some drops or creams, ointments, medicines that you have to use even 2-3 months.

The treatment is applied twice a day, some curative effects produced by it can be visible even from the first days of use.

The price of the treatment – how much does it cost and where is the cream found? pharmacy chain, lime, manufacturer site

Although it is a newer natural treatment, cream Micinorm already enjoys a very high demand in, so there are very high chances to find this remedy on the shelves of large pharmacies in our country. So you can probably buy Micinorm from Catena pharmacy, or other pharmacies from, but the price will definitely be quite high, precisely due to the popularity of this remedy at this time.

But if you want to save a considerable amount of money and benefit at the same time from the efficiency and healing power of the cream Micinorm, you will have to follow my initial suggestion to order the treatment online directly from the official website of the manufacturer. If you forgot what it is about, you can get a 50% discount on the price charged by the manufacturer for the cream. Micinorm when you order the product online, from, on their official website.

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The real opinions of the treatment users – who used the cream? forum discussions, before and after use pictures

Although the official site Micinorm presents you with absolutely all the important information about this product, I tried as much as possible to ignore the statements and promises of the manufacturer regarding the results you can get with this natural remedy and to rely more on independent information about efficiency cream Micinorm.

Both user testimonials and pictures before and after treatment seem to largely confirm the promised results. However, I did a more detailed research work in which I took in turn the countless discussions on the forums about this treatment as well as the articles about Micinorm which we found on online publications both at home and abroad, so that the final conclusion is one that correctly reflects the reality about this treatment.

I finally came to the conclusion that this natural remedy is cream Micinorm it can indeed ensure a consistent antifungal action, an effective and complete treatment of fungal infections of the skin and toenails. Of course, we also found negative and critical opinions about this treatment, but for the most part the users were more than satisfied with the results they obtained after the 20 days of using the cream.

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